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Modestep – Another Day (feat. Popeska) [xKore Remix]

Evolution Theory

Check out this video for dubstep producer xKore’s remix of “Another Day” by Modestep featuring Popeska.  The original was a hit for the the electronic band from the UK, and now the remix is starting the gain headway on airwaves across the pond.  The video follows a boy’s social ascension from nerd to the “cool kid” at his high school.  You’ll notice a lot of hardcore/rock influence here as Modestep typically performs live with a guitarist, making a solid foundation for a hard-hitting dubstep remix.  Their new album Evolution Theory is coming January 14th and this track will be available on the deluxe version.


The Rolling Stones – Doom & Gloom (Benny Benassi Remix)

Doom and Gloom (Remix)

I’ll admit skepticism every time I see a Benny Benassi remix these days, as you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.  Regardless, his house remix of The Rolling Stones’ “Doom & Gloom” is surprisingly decent, and grows on you with every play.  Industry standards usually maintain some artists should be left untouched and unscathed by the remix-happy artists of the rising EDM genre, the Stones seemingly being one of them.  However, give props to the Italian DJ for cementing focus on Mick Jagger’s vocals, letting his legendary singing voice dictate the direction of the remix.  Benassi seemed to be quite mindful and respectful in crafting this dance rework.

“Doom & Gloom” is one of two new singles off the Stones’ compilation album GRRR!, released last month to celebrate their 50th anniversary.  The remix is available on iTunes in the UK and is expected to be made available today, December 9th, in the US.