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Grip Plyaz – Jackie Joyner (feat. Aleon Craft & Trinidad Jame$)

Purp x Wind x Fire

Meanwhile, in Ratchetville….know that song “Chariots of Fire” that’s been used in hundreds of slow motion movie scenes?  It’s gotten the hip hop production treatment from our homies down south, courtesy of Grip Plyaz on “Jackie Joyner” featuring Aleon Craft & Trinidad Jame$.  A bonus track on his Purp x Wind x Fire mixtape, but don’t expect much substance on the bars (song titles include Dayee Izz, Fugginhudumara, Died (In Yo Pussy), Wasaname, Child Support, & Fuck dat Hipster Shit).  Jackie Joyner’s production is too infectious for its own good.  If you want to download the mixtape, you can head here and name your price.