Silver Medallion vs. Dragon & Jontron – Dream On

There is a bright side that arises from the widespread destruction and harm to our daily lives from a natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy.  The most important thing is that it brings out the best of some people, showcasing admirable displays of humanity and companionship as we band together to rebuild and rise up.  In some cases, it also stimulates creativity, as we can see with this vocal bootleg released by Silver Medallion.  In his words, he was “locked in his Brooklyn apartment for a few days with a bunch of creative types and an endless supply of boxed wine, and all sorts of things were discussed and written.  This is the first one to see the light.”

You can grab this track for free download on Silver Medallion’s Soundcloud site.  The vocals are taken from an earlier song of his and matched with the track “Sriracha” by Dragon & Jontron.